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Enwork Table Line Overview

Introducing Enwork – our competitive table line. More than just conference tables, Enwork is a market leader in designing and creating custom tables for all commercial, higher-ed, collaborative and hospitality applications. Based in MI, USA.

Why Enwork?

  1. Comprehensive quick ship program (+/- 10 business days for large number of popular bases and laminates).

  2. 14-member design team = fast quote /drawing turnaround time (3 days or less).

  3. Unique, patented, quality designs that make a statement.

  4. Great customer service and 12-year warranty*.

  5. Competitive prices – wide variety of bases and tabletops that can be ‘mixed and matched’ for all budgets.

  6. Enwork studio – create custom and integrated branding on products.

  7. Customs and freight friendly ($150 for orders under $1500 net).

Enwork competitive products – simplified overview:

Finishes available:

Enwork studio:

Sell sheets and brochures are below:

Enwork Zori Collection
Download • 6.66MB

Enwork Adventure Sell Sheet
Download • 915KB

Enwork Alkalign Sell Sheet
Download • 1.08MB

Enwork Expanse
Download • 1.84MB

Enwork Equilibrium Sell Sheet
Download • 426KB

Any questions, feel free to reach out!

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