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Good, Better, Best - Task Chair Edition

Introducing the Eighty-Two, L1, and You Too task chairs. Please see below for a quick price, feature, and configuration analysis.

Eighty-Two Task Chair (Good)

Low ($)

Stylish, intuitive, and affordable design.

​Standard adjustable lumbar provides good ergonomic support.

Uses: Touchdown applications

1. Height and width adjustable arm

2. Optional head rest

L1 Task Chair (Better)

​Medium ($$)

Optimal, accessible and intuitive ergonomics for all users.

A fully customizable chair with better ergonomic support.

Uses: All day applications, private office or task.

​As above, plus:

3. Fully upholstered chair model

4. Seat slider

You / You Too Task Chair (Best)

Medium high ($$$)

Sleek design profile, elastomeric mesh and U-shaped frame makes a statement in any office environment.

Innovative back suspension system ‘U-Shape Wish Bone’ conforms to the users back for the greatest ergonomic support.

Uses: All day applications, private office, or task.

As above, plus:

5. Back height adjustment

6. Aluminum base

7. Mid & high-back

***no back upholstered option (seat only)

For questions, please reach out:

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