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Nook Pod Lineup Overview

Updated: Feb 28

Introducing our Nook Pod lineup. Our cost-effective alternative to expensive and isolating traditional phone booths.

Nook Competitive Benefits:

  1. Very competitive pricing (see below).

  2. Nook pods do not require expensive fire or HVAC systems (code friendly).

  3. Mobile – can easily be moved, connected together, and swapped with other models.

  4. Noise reducing, but not isolating – Neuroinclusive space certified with the Autism Resource Community.

  5. Green, future oriented solution that can be repaired or changed, piece by piece.

  6. Ships flat packed and is easy to assemble.

Industries with strongest growth potential (based on US market success)– Commercial, Higher & Private Education. We are currently looking for dealer partners with strong interest in the product.

Any questions, feel free to reach out!

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