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The new Attune by All Seating

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

The Attune blends design with productivity - an adaptable, lean, and light solution that provides superior comfort and proper ergonomic support.

Price - medium to medium high

Applications - touchdown chair.

Suitable for office settings, hospitality spaces, home office and institutional environments (incl. healthcare).

Comments - unique C-Clip Weight Activated Mechanism creates a clean, refreshed, and simple appearance perfect for touchdown spaces. Poly Back allows for optimal ventilation and durability.

Attune USPs (unique selling points):

  1. Overall look - A clean, refreshed and simple appearance combines simplicity with function.

  2. Unique technology - Weight-Activated Automatic Tension Adjustment uses an intelligently designed C-Clip mechanism to automatically adjust the tension without the need for knobs or separate levers.

  3. Available with Poly Back and Poly Seat or Poly Back with Upholstered Seat. PVC materials offers proven durability and resistance to impact and fatigue - perfect for touchdown spaces. The standard PVC back is optimal for ventilation and comfort.

  4. Buildable with two arm options (loop arm or height adjustable) or armless for portability.

  5. Standard nylon base is available in black, birch (pictured above), and polished aluminium.

For questions, please reach out:

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